Friday, August 19, 2011

Aluva is Not at all a good Shopping Destination

I have been staying in Aluva for the last 4 months and was really comfortable with the city as it had every facility such as KSRTC bus stand, railway station and airport in the near vicinity. Aluva is also a good town to spend your time in the evening and the Periyar river bank in Aluva is one of the major attractions of Aluva.

But still Aluva is lacking some major things and I noticed this only when I experienced the lack of certain things in my personal life. Unlike other major municipalities in Ernakulam district, Aluva is not the best place for shopping. Aluva does not have a good shopping destination when compared with the other cities.

A major example for the above fact is that if you go for buying some good cloth materials in Aluva, you will feel disappointed as you might not be able to get a good cloth item in Aluva. The reasons may be many such as limited selections, bad quality, low profile shops etc. Same is the case of Gold shops in Aluva, as there are a number of small shops but none of them would be able to provide the ornaments that you are looking out for.

The only big name in dress showroom at Aluva is the Seemas which is pathetic to say the least. I am still wondering what they are doing in that huge building by the side of the National Highway. I once happened to go there for a shopping and really felt bad at the bad selection of dress materials that were present. Moreover, if you visit Seemas in Aluva  you can see a huge crowd inside and feel like you are standing in the middle of a vegetable market. The sales girls at Seemas were trying their best to convince me, but I could not help myself from running out of the showroom.

If you need to go for a gold shopping or dress shopping, then don't even dare to think about Aluva. Instead you can visit Angamaly or Kochi for a better shopping experience. In my opinion, Angamaly is one of the best place for shopping when compared with Aluva.

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