Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Aluva Overbridge Opened - But Promises Still in The Air

The much awaited Aluva Over bridge was open to the public few days back and it is sure to bring some respite to the heavy traffic around the Aluva byepass region, where the National Highway 47 cuts past to Aluva Town. At the Aluva Bye pass vehicles coming from Aluva to the National Highway, vechicles coming into Aluva town, vehicles going from Ernakulam to the nothern cities of Kerala and the vehicles from the northern cities to Ernakulam and other southern cities of Kerala meet together. As a result huge traffic congestions were experienced at the bye pass area during the peak hours.
After a lot of request by the locals and other representative, the plan for the over bridge at the Aluva Byepass was sanctioned and after trailing for  a long time, it got completed a few months back. The over bridge was opened to public few days back and the traffic seems to be much smoother in this part these days. Even though the overbridge has been opened, there are many promises made by the National Highway Authority of India which are yet to be fulfilled.

One such promise was the construction of the road from the Aluva general market to the new market, and this road was supposed to pass beneath the over bridge. But still the authorities have not done anything in constructing a smooth road to join the general market and the new market in Aluva. So the vehicles which are supposed to enter the general market or the new market in Aluva are still experiencing serious difficulty.

The Aluva Merchants association have requested the authorities to construct the road as soon as possible so that the vehicles can reach the market without any difficulty.

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