Sunday, April 1, 2012

Heavy Rain in Aluva Brings Relief From Summer Heat

The heavy rain that lashed out in Aluva and its surrounding area yesterday evening, have brought the much awaited respite from the excessive heat experienced in this area for the past few weeks. Even though it was raining heavily in the surrounding districts of Ernakulam for the last few days, Aluva had been deprived of the summer showers leaving the area in unbearable scorching heat.

Few areas were also experiencing issues with sufficient drinking water and this summer rain might help in resolving that issue to some extent. 2 or 3 continuous rains in the coming days would really bring some true respite from the summer heat in Aluva. Actually the isolated rain that Aluva experienced would further worsen the climatic conditions if it do not rain in the next 2 or 3 days. The isolate rains would again increase the heat and also bring high level of humidity.

But yesterday's rain has helped to reduce the level of dust particles especially on the road and hope that there would be no issue of dust in the coming days. Some of the major roads such as the one leading from Kadungalloor to Muppathadam Junction had been tarred fully 3 days back, and this rain has helped to clean away the dust and make the road more rigid and beautiful.

The rain also has given fresh life to the plants surrounding my compound as they were all on the verge of burning out in the extreme heat. The rain also helped to purify the air, as Aluva is an industrial area and the polluted air would be cleaned to some extend with the help of such summer rains. Places such as Eloor, Pathalam, Muppathadam etc are all industrial area and the pollution level is always high on the areas surrounding these places. The rain would help in removing some of the atmospheric pollution and give fresh air to residents. Hope that the summer rain would come again in the next 2-3 days in Aluva.

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