Sunday, July 3, 2011

Traffic in Aluva Town Really Terrible During the Day Time

Aluva is a nice town during the free hours, but during the peak hours it is one of the most congested places if you are travelling on your vehicle. Unlike other towns the roads of Aluva are really broader and we could never think of such traffic blocks with such beautiful and big roads. I have rarely travelled inside Aluva town during the peak hours and recently I got a chance to taste the traffic of Aluva town during the peak hours.

This time I entered Aluva through the National Highway 47 Bye Pass near the bank junction and from the bank junction till the KSRTC bus station in Aluva, the traffic was really horrible. If I am right, I think that most of the one ways are misused by the people as vehicles are passing in both the sides on the so called one ways, making it more hectic for the other vehicles.

The conditions of the roads in Aluva town have become worse after the recent monsoon, and this makes the travel more difficult. The most congested areas are the pump junction, the railway station junction and the KSRTC junction at Aluva. Other places are not free from this traffic hassle, but the above mentioned are the places that we are least interested to travel through. It is high time that the authorities do something to get rid of these traffic issues at the peak hours. Traffic polices should be put on duty on atleast the major junctions inside Aluva town.

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