Monday, June 18, 2018

River Periyar at Edayar, Aluva

River Periyar is one of the major rivers in Kerala and also acts as a major source of water for irrigation and other domestic purposes. The river originates in the western ghats and ends up in the Arabian sea. The river Periyar splits into various sub-rivers and tributaries before reaching the sea.

The river Periyar flows through Aluva and also passes through Edayar in Aluva. Edayar is an Industrial area in Aluva and is also considered as the biggest Industrial area in Kerala. Since the Periyar river flows through Edayar industrial area, a good amount of water pollution occurs due to the deposit of industrial wastes.

Edayar is one of the most polluted places in Kerala and the pollution is mainly due to the presence of various chemical industries that send out toxic elements into the air as well as into the water. You wil have to close your nose while you travel along Edayar and such is the presence of the toxic elements in the air.

The Periyar river water in Edayar is also highly contaminated and as a result a lot of water wealth has been lost in the recent times. Fishes cannot survive in this polluted water and they naturally die out and only few species of fishes are found here and there. 

While you travel along Edayar, you can see poisonous smokes coming out of long pipes and contaminating the air. The river has become lifeless due to the extreme pollution and most of the factories and companies operating in Edayar Industrial areas are causing serious environmental issues through pollution activities.

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