Monday, June 18, 2018

Industrial Pollution in Edayar, Aluva

Pollution is one of the major concern haunting Aluva and pollution comes from various sources and one of  the major sources of pollution in Aluva is the presence of the industrial area in Edayar,  which is around 10 km away from Aluva town.

Edayar is home to a number of industries and factories that ejects toxic elements into the air and water. Hence the air in Edayar is highly polluted and even the Periyar river flowing through this area is not spared. The Periyar river is also highly contaminated through various type of industrial pollutions.

In the images provided in this blog,  the Periyar river looks clean and beautiful in appearance. But this river is highly contaminated and not life is present in the river. Most of the fish species have vanished due to the extreme level of water pollution.

Without the pollution, Edayar is still a nice place with nice geographical features and other facilities. The only thing that keeps people to stay away from Edayar is the pollution factor.

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