Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Aluva Bridge and the Beautiful Periyar River

Monsoon has not yet left Kerala and it was here until the last few days back. In Aluva, the Periyar river becomes more beautiful during the rainy season and you can see it in its full flow and beauty. At the entrance of the Aluva bridge from the south, there is a Bar which serves alcohol and beer for the people who would like to spend some leisure time with their friends. A few days back, I happened to visit my friend who was coming to Aluva and we decided to meet at Periya Bar in Aluva, which we considered to be the most ideal place.

We met there during the evening time and luckily we got the balcony of the Periyar Bar for enjoy some good time. The balcony of the Periyar bar faces towards the Aluva Marthandavarma bridge and the Periyar river. This provides an amazing view that cannot be described in words. We sat there and had some drinks and food for some time. At the same time, we also enjoyed the raindrops falling into the Periyar river which made a sensation drizzling sound.

There is also a boat at the bank of the river, which helps you to enjoy a ride along the river Periyar and I saw a couple of guys taking this ride and enjoying it at the best along with the rain. I just managed to take some snaps of the view of the Periyar river and the famous Aluva bridge from the balcony of the Periyar Bar, which I decided to share with you all.

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