Monday, September 30, 2013

10 Amazing Tourist Spots in and around Aluva City

Even though Aluva is a busy city, due to its proximity with Kochi and other major places, there are a lot of things that really attract tourists. There are a good number of tourist attractions and spots in Aluva, which makes Aluva a decent travel destination. Most of the tourist spots in Aluva are not utilized upto its potential and they are indeed worth visiting. Majority of the people do not know about the travel spots in Aluva and even the local residents are also not aware about the tourist potential of these places.

All these tourist locations in Aluva lies very close to the city, which makes it very much easy to travel from one travel spot to another. Each of these tourist spots are unique in nature and also has some different stories associated with them. So if you are in Aluva and searching for some good tourist spots, here are some of the most amazing and popular tourist spots in Aluva, that are worth visiting.

1) Sivarathri manappuram
2) Aluva Palace
3) Periyar banks
4) Municipal Park
5) Adwaitha Ashram
6) St. Dominic Church
7) Aluva Masjid
8) Sree Krishna Temple
9) Pottachira Sree Krishna Temple
10) Uliyannoor Temple

All the above tourist spots except Uliyannoor Temple are within the vicinity of Aluva city. Uliyannor Temple is around 4 kilometres away from Aluva and you need to hire an auto or public transport system to reach the Temple.

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