Monday, November 27, 2017

Newly Introduced Traffic Regulations in Aluva Prompts Traders to Down Shutters

A joint forum of various trade unions  in Aluva will observe a 24-hour shutdown on Tuesday (28th October) to protest against the traffic regulations which has led to utter confusion and chaos on the town roads in Aluva.

The shops that are located within the Aluva municipality limits will remain closed from Tuesday 12 am till midnight on Wednesday. Nazeer Babu, the president of Aluva Merchants' Association, said the traders expected the police to withdraw the traffic regulations at the earliest.

Earlier, in the discussions held with the authorities, it was promised a new traffic system as per the demands that were put forward by traders will be considered. However, no major changes in this regard were effected till Monday evening and hence the traders decided to press ahead with strike. Babu said all the trade unions are supporting the strike and on behalf of this a protest march will be held in front of muncipal chairperson's office at 11 am. However, there will be no blockade of vehicles and the officers will make sure that enough reinforcements are deployed to prevent any toward incidents.

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